Elisabeth Dawson


Founder & CEO

Elisabeth Dawson is the founder of COPIA Wealth Management Advisors Inc., an organization that provides comprehensive financial advising with education to help her clients achieve their desired wealth goals. Her organization’s macroeconomic approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s “Wish List” and financial engineering strategies to achieve successful results with minimized risk. Unlike other traditional financial planning firms, COPIA Wealth Management Advisors Inc. with Elisabeth as President and CEO, educates and counsels her clients through every financial task and decision in their lives. Elisabeth specializes in working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals, couples, families and multi-generational legacy families. Elisabeth’s financial areas of expertise include: insurance, various investment strategies, income protection, tax mitigation strategies, and wealth accumulation strategies.

Jennifer Miller


HR Director | Executive Assistant to CEO | General Manager

Jennifer has been with Elisabeth for over six years. As Elisabeth’s right-hand lady, she wears many hats. She is the Human Resources Director, and the Executive Assistant to Elisabeth. Using her experience and knowledge, she guides the rest of the team to do their best for our clients every day.

Katie Steck


Case Manager

Katie keeps herself very busy prepping and managing all ongoing cases. She is the bridge of communication between Elisabeth and our clients. She helps Elisabeth design plans for our clients that lead them to success and to achieve their goals.

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